6 Ways to Use Penny Tile in Your Home

Penny tile has been around for over a hundred years. Traditional penny tile was made of an unglazed porcelain, which was extremely slip resistant for the bathroom floor. Today, we find that it has been upgraded with colors, textures and sizes. The tile is making a comeback by bringing a fresh feel to kitchens and baths. It’s also a clever way to feature a curved wall, an entry way, or stair risers. Here are six exciting penny tile design ideas for the home.

1. Placement: Because penny tile is small, it’s also versatile. It works well in odd or unconventional spaces like stair risers, fireplaces, shower niches, columns or laundry rooms. The small tile rounds can easily tile over and around curves and corners, in ways that tile in larger formats cannot.

2. Color: While the classic style is white with black grout, you can elevate the look of it with color. Use a monochromatic color as a statement or mix different colors to create your own look. This yellow penny tile adds a sunny touch to a modern industrial-style bathroom.

3. Accents: Create accents, such as stripes, by cutting the sheet to the desired width. Because of their small size, penny tile sheets can easily be cut and manipulated to go on or around things. Patterns also work really well . Try these refreshing design ideas — polka dots, floral designs or random color patterns — in your space.

4. Finishes: Penny tiles come in an assortment of finishes. The classic penny tile was made from unglazed porcelain, which helped to prevent slipping in wet areas. Today, materials include: porcelain, ceramic, glass, mother of pearl, mirrored, metal, stone and cork.

5. Backsplash: It’s a great option for a backsplash, adding a pop of color, pattern, and a texture without overwhelming the room.

6. Motion: They are like tiny stepping stones for the eye, bringing energizing movement and fluidity to a room. Blue penny tiles are reminiscent of the ocean waves; green tiles bring the feel of moving grass.

If you are looking for a versatile, refreshing tile option, consider penny tiles. They can look classic and reserved, or modern and eye-catching. If you are ready to explore tile for your home, contact us for a free in-store or in-home consultation. We look forward to helping you explore your options.