Maybe you’ve been yearning to swap your tub for a shower. Maybe you can’t live with dingy bathroom tiles anymore. Maybe it’s just time for a change. No matter your motivation, a bathroom remodel could be the answer to more than one bathroom conundrum—but how to go about it? If the spirit is willing but the rest of you is not sure where to begin, Crystal Bath & Shower Company can help. Before you dive into an all-out remodel, we’ve gathered some tips to get the process started.

1. Know What You Want

What are your goals for this bathroom remodel? What do you want to change about your existing bathroom and what do you want to keep? Make two lists of necessities and nice-to-haves so you can order your priorities. Inspiring visuals are a must—be sure to flip through magazines, browse Pinterest, or stroll through our showroom.

2. Know Your Budget

As you establish your bathroom remodel mission, you’ll want to also determine how much money you want to spend. Remember to expect the unexpected and allow some cushion in your budget.

3. Do You Have a Deadline?

As with any remodel that involves plumbing, bathroom remodels can take time. At Crystal Bath & Shower Company, one of our experts can lead you through expected time frames so you can coordinate with your own schedule.

4. Don’t Forget Under-the-Surface Essentials

While paint color and tiles and fixtures are what your eye goes to in a swanky bathroom, it’s important to remember other important things like wiring and plumbing. If you’re changing the actual space of your bathroom it will affect the bones of the place too. If you have an older home, it may be necessary to replace the wiring—and if you’re moving the toilet, drain, or shower, your plumbing (and budget) will be impacted too.

5. Consult Experts Every Step of the Way

It can be especially useful to consult experts like electricians and plumbers, but don’t knock the importance of those in the know about design and dimension, too. Whenever possible, talk to a pro in person, visit a showroom to see materials for yourself, and ask all the questions you want.

6. Try to Think a Few Steps Ahead

Where will your outlets and light switch go? Will you be installing new lights? What kind? At what height do you want your sink? Where will the towel bars hang? It can be helpful to have a sense of your ideal finished space so you can work with and around those expectations.

7. Choose Materials Wisely

You should certainly pick tiles that you love the look of, but also consider longevity, upkeep and potential slip hazards. The same principle applies to fixtures and lights—consider both your own style and long-term style trends, especially if resale is in your future.  In other words, you might want to steer clear of pink and avocado sinks!

8. Make Functional Details Work for You

Think about how you can make your bathroom work for its keep. Heated floors can feel heaven-sent in winter. A fan and window can help with ventilation. Thoughtful lighting can improve atmosphere and the functionality of that vanity mirror.

9. Remember That it Will All Be Worth It in the End

Eye on the prize! Remember the bathroom remodel inspiration you gathered? Whether you keep it in the forefront of your mind or tape photos to your current bathroom mirror, just know that your hard work—and that of your professional remodeling team—will pay off in a beautiful bathroom.

Ready to remodel? Stop by Crystal Bath & Shower Company where we can walk you through all these tips and more.