The Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Bath to Shower Conversion

crystal bath and shower conversions
Be honest. How often do you use your bathtub? If you’re like most people, you clean the dust out of it more frequently than you enjoy a relaxing bubble bath. That’s not to say that the traditional tub is no longer useful; after all, it makes bathing a baby (and pets!) so much easier. But if you no longer have young children and you typically take your pet to the groomer then it might be time to consider a bath-to-shower conversion. Here are five more bath refit and bathroom remodel tips:

1. Prevent Mold and Mildew – Eradicating offensive and harmful mold and mildew can be difficult, especially when it occurs beneath the tub and shower surface. To prevent water leakage that can lead to mold growth,we utilize Schluter Systems products, which are watertight, maintenance free and quick to install.

2. Easier Cleaning – Walk-in showers and tubs alleviate the need to stretch across a wide chasm or perform a modified handstand to clean the far side of the tub and shower wall. Additionally, new smooth and shiny tile surfaces make removing soap scum effortless – a feature that will be welcome to owners of worn porcelain and plastic tubs.

3. Safer – Regardless of your age, stepping up and over a tub wall with wet feet is an accident waiting to happen. The problem is compounded when individuals experience mobility issues. Avoid this daily danger by installing a convenient and seamless walk-in shower with a low-threshold base. Our custom showers can include built-in seats and storage, as well as grab bars and slip-resistant surfaces.

4. Improved Appearance – A bathroom should not only be functional, it should also reflect your style while making the most of your given space. Removing a tub is an easy way to enlarge the room, as well as provide space for storage units. Removing or refitting a stained or worn-out tub immediately brightens a room and can become a beautiful focal point rather than an embarrassing fixture to be hidden behind a shower curtain.

5. Surprisingly Affordable and Convenient – We offer the highest quality materials and services at the best prices, almost always costing less than those one-day refit companies. Our expert installers take pride in their work and fix any underlying problems before moving on to the aesthetics. In fact, we offer a lifetime installation guarantee.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to renovate, an individual wishing to continue living independently, or a landlord wanting to attract high-quality tenants, consider a bathroom remodel that saves you money while increasing the enjoyment and value of your home.

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