How to Get the Pinterest Look Without the Pinterest Fail

If you’re looking for bathroom remodel inspiration, Pinterest is full of boards and pins dedicated to just that. As many DIY-ers have found, though, some Pinterest designs look beautiful and easy but turn into something entirely different in translation! Pinterest fails are all too easy to make, but with the help of quality remodeling advice, you can avoid painful (and costly) mistakes. Here are a few ways to get the Pinterest look without the Pinterest fail.

Go for gorgeous mosaic floors – but only with neutrals. Detailed mosaic floors are making the rounds on Pinterest, and for good reason – they’re gorgeous. But to avoid turning this design into a disaster, understand that such eye-catching floors need to be paired with calm neutrals to tone them down. You’ll notice that the majority of these bathrooms are on the small side and pair mosaics with simple white tile walls or white painted walls. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an overwhelmingly busy and not-so-relaxing space.

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Go for accent walls – but don’t spread them around the whole bathroom. The same is true for accent walls – designers choose to confine certain intricate patterns to one wall because an entire bathroom can’t handle so much busyness. Accent walls work because the eye is drawn to them, but not in every direction. This is especially true for bright, colorful walls. As beautiful as these teal tiles are, they may be too much for wrap-around tile work.

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Let the light in – but remember to give yourself some privacy. If you spend enough time on Pinterest, you’ll notice that designers prize light and big windows in bathrooms. This is important visually for a well-lit, inviting space, and technically, for ventilation. One thing Pinterest posters aren’t worried about, though, is the very real-life need for privacy. Let the light in, but remember you’ll need window coverings once you begin to use your beautifully remodeled shower.

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Mix and match vintage and modern features – but make sure they actually match. Vintage meets modern allows for an attractive combination of statement pieces like chandeliers and modern fixtures like quality faucets. While Pinterest images make this look effortless, in reality, you’ll notice that no matter the source of these features, they match. This is thanks to careful consideration of the type of metal, its color, and finish for every bathroom feature.

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Go for minimalist design – but don’t forget storage. Minimalist design features clean lines and few details, a great look for a tidy bathroom space. But what you’ll notice about minimalist bathrooms on Pinterest is that they often lack storage. Minimalist design is fine, as long as it includes built-in wall storage or cabinetry for your bathroom remodel.

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Give your bathroom romantic ambiance – but don’t neglect lighting. The ambiance of this bathroom looks like bliss for a relaxing evening after a long, hard day. But what about your morning routine? Romantic lighting is wonderful, but don’t forget to layer your lighting for a truly functional bathroom. Think ambient lighting (overhead lighting), accent lighting (above the mirror or tub lighting), and task lighting (any lighting for necessities like grooming or shuffling through the closet).

Remember: This is your bathroom remodel! As inspiring as Pinterest can be, ultimately, this is your bathroom you’re designing – not one people scroll through while looking for bathroom remodel inspiration. At Crystal Bath & Shower Company, we can help you decide what inspiration to use, and what must-haves you don’t want to forget. Ready to build your dream bathroom? Contact us to get started.