3 Bathroom Trends to Avoid for Your Remodel

At Crystal Bath & Shower Company, we make it our mission to stay on top of bathroom trends like the marble flooring and gold fixtures of last year. While sources of inspiration are endless and trends are always fun to track, one thing we like to emphasize is the difference between trendiness and timelessness. Some trends, like the avocado and pink-tiled bathrooms of decades past, or the super-sized jet tub of the 90’s, didn’t stand the test of time. We’ve talked about shower remodel do’s and don’ts, but what about following the latest trends for bathroom remodeling? Here are 3 bathroom remodeling trends we recommend you avoid for your upcoming remodel.

  1. Wild Colors: Just as avocado wore out its welcome after the 70’s, trendy colors like mustard yellow and salmon risk becoming outdated as well. If you’re looking to up the resale value of your home, avoid flashy and bright color trends and opt for more netural color choices. This doesn’t mean you have to choose a bland beige or white bathroom – these days, gray, navy, black and even soft pink are all viewed as neutrals. Or, consider adding subtle splashes of color mosaics through tile design as well as hand towels and other bathroom accessories. One color that’s rising in popularity this year is tried-and-true blue. From bright turquoise to royal navy, blues make a great color scheme, especially if you’re updating a beach house rental bathroom or coastal getaway master bathroom.
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  3. Patterned Walls: For a while, richly wallpapered bathrooms seemed to be making a comeback, but this is one bathroom trend to be wary of. In particular, the chevron pattern said a big hello and is now saying goodbye to bathroom walls. For a simpler and more timeless approach to your walls and floors, consider a nicely patterned floor tile paired with simple solid-colored walls. This is where tiling experts’ advice comes in handy.
  4. Overdone Spa-Style Showers: While there’s nothing wrong with tricking out your shower remodel, spa-style showers with multiple shower heads and jets prove to be wasteful and expensive in the long term. Rather than hopping on the bandwagon, avoid overconsumption of water and energy by opting for environmentally-friendly shower heads. Minimalism and functionality will outlast overkill bathroom trends in shower remodeling.

Some bathroom trends come and go, but bathroom remodels that are functional and craftsman-designed are always timeless. To get started on your bathroom remodel, contact us today for a free quote at Crystal Bath & Shower Company. If you’d like to take a look at some of our designs or discuss your remodel, come by our showroom.