Bathroom Update: 5 Ways to Modernize Your Space

Whether you’re working with a historic downtown Wilmington bathroom or a slim washroom in your Wrightsville or Carolina Beach condo, a bathroom update doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of creative ways to modernize your bathroom design. At Crystal Bath & Shower Company, we’ll help you decide which upgrades make sense for your space, taste, and budget. Here, a few changes you may want to add to your bathroom remodel wish list:

Convert your built-in bathtub into a shower.
Bath-to-shower conversions are one of the most popular choices for a bathroom makeover. They modernize your space with glass doors which show off key features like floor-to-ceiling bathroom tile. What’s more, they create a more accessible and safe bathroom space with a reduced risk of slips and falls (for parents and pets!), especially when paired with textured tiles. With features like a shower bench and rainfall showerhead, you can transform your bathroom into a spa-like getaway.

Install new tile flooring and walls.
Faded linoleum and cracked tiles give away the age of your bathroom fast. But a set of new tiles can update your color scheme and design. Consider white subway tiles for a contemporary and versatile style, or go for all-out luxury with classic marble or translucent onyx tiles.

Update your bathroom fixtures and hardware.
If your faucets and handles are tarnished, stained, or mismatched, now’s the time to choose an updated metal and unify your design. Swap shiny yellow-gold or silver for on-trend black or bronze matte finishes to make a statement. For timeless hardware, consider nickel with a light finish or chrome for a more durable and polished look.

bathroom update

Add a splash of color.
Just a little color can bring your bathroom back into the modern day. Consider adding color accents to your shower tiles, bathroom niches, or even grout. If you’re modernizing your hallway bathroom, consider allowing your vanity to become your bathroom’s centerpiece like this mint dresser-turned-vanity.

bathroom update

Streamline your design with built-in features.
If it’s a highly contemporary bathroom update you seek, built-ins like shelving and niches above the sink and inside the shower provide clean lines and intuitive design. But don’t hammer into your walls just yet—be sure to consult with one of our professional remodelers to make sure you don’t disrupt internal piping or wiring.

Updating Your Bathroom Space
At Crystal Carpet & Shower Company, there’s nothing we love more than helping you envision and install your modernized bathroom design. To get started on your bathroom update, give us a call, request a free quote. Or, visit our showroom to view our products in person.