Tile Design Trend: Colorful Grout

Picking out tile is exciting. Picking out grout? Not usually, until now. In the past, grout was been mainly thought of as the glue that holds tile together. But, today more people are using colored grout as a feature. Colorful grout can accentuate or downplay your tile selection. A dark grout can outline a tile and make it ‘pop’, while light grout can blend in with a white tile. Here are five ways to use colorful grout:

1. Match your grout color to something in the room: A good way to use grout color is to match it to a hue already in the room — like a countertop color. That way the grout color is based on something and has a reason to be used. Visually arresting color works especially well when it complements another element of the room.

2. Pair bright grout and light tile: Using a bright grout with a light tile turns the grout into the focal point. The pattern behind the tile is featured more so than the tile itself. Colorful grout adds a fun, modern flair to the room. With a bright grout, it helps to have other light hues beyond the tile. White countertops, cabinets, and tile, for example, will allow bright grout to stand out.

3. Contrast colorful grout and colorful tile: Colored grout paired with a different colored tile uses contrast to make the grout stand out. The mixing of colors can be unexpected and gorgeous statement in any room, if done correctly. A designer can really help hone in on your color choices. Want less of a statement? Consider pairing colored tiles with gray grout – gray will break up the mass of color; this makes the wall feel less saturated, and gives one’s eye some visual repose.

4. Combine black-and-white tile and grout: With black tile, a similar colored grout will create a softer, subtler look. A white colored grout against a dark tile will add dramatic effect, showcasing the tile. It all depends on which look you want in your kitchen or bath.

colored grout light on dark tile

5. Try metallic grout: Glitzy metallic grout adds sophisticated shine to a room. Pair metallic grout with a muted tile so the tile doesn’t compete with the grout. Match the metallic grout to the fixtures and the room will shine even more!

colored grout metallic

If you’re interested in exploring interesting tile and grout combinations, come see what we have to offer. Contact us to set up an in-store or in-home tile consultation.