glass tile wall available at Crystal Bath & Shower

What’s our latest tile obsession? Two words: Decorative accents. Decorative accents are those unique touches that you’ll find on backsplashes, kitchen walls, bathroom walls, and shower walls, and they’re one of the best ways to give your home design some personality. And when it comes to decorative accents, the best tile is, hands down, glass tile. What makes it so special? Read on!

What’s Glass Tile, and Why’s It So Hot?

In short, glass tile is simple: It’s tile made of glass. Glass has been used as a tile material for centuries, and today it’s widely considered one of the surefire ways to make a splash in your home. Why is it such a popular choice? There are two big reasons. First: It’s upscale and proven to increase the value of a home. Second: While you may think of glass as clear and shiny (like window glass), glass tiles really do run the gamut of colors, patterns, and finishes.

Where Do People Use Glass Tile?

glass tile from crystal bath and showerGlass tile is used primarily in backsplashes, shower walls, or as decorative accents. You can use it for floors, countertops, and the like—but the cost can be prohibitive, and installation is tricky. Be sure your glass tile is rated for residential floor use before you install it as a floor.

Pros of Glass Tile

  • Lots to choose from. It comes in a wide array of colors and finishes, which means you can find a glass tile to match any home décor style. It’s also easy to shape, so you can get any design and pattern that you want.
  • Non-permeable. This means glass tile is perfect for anywhere it’ll be exposed to moisture—bathrooms, kitchens, and showers are all perfect places.
  • Beautiful. It makes for gorgeous accent pieces on your backsplashes or bathroom walls. When well-installed, they also have the potential to increase the value of your home.
  • Durable. When installed correctly, it’s highly unlikely that it will scratch, crack, or shatter.

Cons of Glass Tile

  • Expensive. Glass tiles are more expensive than other kinds of tile. Also, because it’s tricky to install and considered a specialty, your installation is going to cost more than you might expect.
  • Not ideal for floors. In addition to the slipperiness factor (high when wet), it needs to be rated for residential floor use. Be sure you’ve chosen the right kind before you outfit your bathroom floors with a gorgeous glass pattern.

Are glass tiles just what your home renovation needs? Visit our showroom to speak with our installation experts and browse the (nearly infinite!) options.