How to Choose Grout Color for Your Bathroom Tiles

Most of us know that finding the perfect bathroom tiles can make all the difference in your remodel, but what about the grout? You know, the paste that fills the space between your beloved glass tiles or gorgeous mosaic tiles. It may seem like an installer’s concern rather than an aesthetic opportunity, but the grout you choose can transform your bathroom into a cleaning headache or a bathroom designer’s inspiration. Here are a few tips on how to choose grout color for your bathroom tiles.

1. Pick a priority
When it comes to picking the best grout for your tiles, it depends on what your design priorities are. You can:

  • Match the grout and tile color to keep bathroom visitors’ eyes on the tile, not what surrounds them. If you’ve chosen an expensive tile design, this is a practical and affordable route to balance out your budget. Coordinating colors make the space feel larger, more open, and cleaner, especially when you opt for white-on-white tile and grout.
  • white grout color on bathroom tiles
  • Contrast the grout and tile color to draw attention away from individual tiles and toward the pattern and layout of the tiles. This is a great design option for uniquely-shaped tiles, like this bathroom’s honeycomb walls or this coastal bathroom’s blue-green fish scales on white grout. Naturally, strong contrasts draw attention to the grout, which works well for a bold and contemporary or subway tile industrial look. Just as contrasting patterns and colors will make a space feel busier, the same goes for grout. If you’re feeling really creative, consider an epoxy grout that glitters, or brass, copper, or stainless-steel metal inlays to add subtle metallic glimmers.
  • grout color for bathroom tiles
  • Stay neutral with off white, beige, and brown tiles. This is a safe bet for bathroom grout – neutrals don’t look dirty, they’re easy to clean, and they never go out of style.

    2. Go light or dark.
    Once you’ve figured out your design priority, you can choose between light and dark grout.

    • Dark grouts hide dirt and stains but are more prone to fading and staining from cleaners. This means they aren’t beach-house or vacation-rental friendly.
    • Light grouts, on the other hand, are more likely to show dirt. To make your life easier, consider saving the lights for your personal remodel and opting for darks for your rental.

    3. Sample Away
    In order to pick the perfect shade of grout, choose several color options and space them around your bathroom tiles. You could even ask your contractor to mock up some samples, which will prove worth the initial time investment if you’re having a hard time choosing. Remember that grout colors look very different when the grout is wet versus dry – wait for the grout to dry completely before making your final decision.

    playful grout colors for bathroom tiles

    Whether you go for a classic white-on-white tile and grout combination, or you opt for more colorful and playful grout options, your grout color choice can make all of the difference in your bathroom remodel. Ready to get started? Contact us at Crystal Shower & Bath Company to get a free quote on your bathroom remodel.