Large Format Tiles: 4 Ways to Wow

If you’re wondering what tile size to choose for your bathroom remodel, large format tiles prove that bigger is sometimes better. These versatile, super-size tiles span across your space to make a small bathroom seem more spacious and a large bathroom ever-more stunning. As a bonus, when paired with thin grout lines, they’re easy to maintain with a quick sweep and mop. Here, discover four ways you can impress your family, friends, and guests with large format tiles.

1. Lay out large format tiles for a spa-like retreat. Whether you’re remodeling a small powder room or a spacious master bathroom, large format tiles in natural stone and marble patterns can create a soothing, spa-like aesthetic. Visual continuity with floor-to-ceiling tiles allows for a seamless, calming look. The thinner the grout lines, the better, as this allows the patterns of the tiles to flow from one to another.

2. Go all-out modern. Large format tiles are making a splash on the interior design scene, especially when it comes to minimalistic, contemporary spaces. To modernize your space with a clean and simple aesthetic, consider super-size tiles in shades of white or gray. If you’re feeling extra daring, use 3D tiles to add texture and must-see visual interest to your walls. Once again, large format tiles make a great choice here, as they allow the tiles to flow into one another.

3. Stun with sleek-meets-traditional floors. Conversely, large format tiles can also complement a traditional or transitional space. Choose tiles in neutral tones to make your bathroom seem larger as they stretch across the floor. For a more luxurious, palatial style, consider extra-large polished marble tiles.

large format tiles

4. Create a clean base for pattern play. If you’re someone who can’t possibly choose just one type of tile, large format tiles pair well with other tiles, too. In a modern farmhouse bathroom, black tiles with a lighter-colored grout draw the eye to the pattern on the floor and match the fresh-and-clean simplicity of white subway tile walls. Another possibility? Try a slab-like tile floor paired with a patterned wallpaper to jazz up a small bathroom. Pro tip: Opt for light-colored tiles and walls to create the illusion of a much larger hallway bathroom.

large format tiles

A Timeless Tile Choice
When it comes to bathroom remodel trends, we believe large format tiles are here to stay. Stylish and easy to take care of, they make for a smart bathroom tile choice. If you’re ready to take a look at all of your options for your bathroom tile, contact us to request a quote or visit our showroom at Crystal Shower & Bath Company in Wilmington, NC.