5 Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Small bathrooms and powder rooms often come with the territory in downtown Wilmington’s historic homes and Wrightsville Beach’s rental properties. If your hallway washroom feels a pinch too claustrophobic, there are numerous ways to add space to your small bathroom. Here are a few tips from our expert bathroom remodelers at Crystal Bath & Shower Company:

1. Convert your old tub-shower combo for an updated shower. Stuck with an outdated built-in tub? Modernize your space and add square footage by opting for a bath-to-shower conversion. You’ll be amazed by just how much space a walk-in shower can add, freeing up room for unique features like stylish vanities, towel warmers, and more.

2. Opt for more built-ins. One benefit that sometimes comes with historic Wilmington homes? Plenty of built-in features like shelving for towels and decor. Update your bathroom with wall-to-ceiling tile to add expertly-placed niches in your shower space and even in front of your sink. You’ll free up space and streamline your design, ideal for a more modern-transitional look.

3. Super-size your bathroom tiles. While mini penny tiles can make for a classic vintage look, if you’re trying to add space, the larger the tile, the better. Large floor tiles stretch across the floor and disappear into the walls, making your bathroom seem more spacious. Choose neutral tiles like white marble tiles for a timeless aesthetic that lightens up your small bathroom.

small bathroom looks bigger

4. Differentiate spaces. One especially creative way to add space to your small bathroom is to create visual interest by contrasting distinct areas. Think a playful mix of colors from one end to the next, like a pink bathtub meets teal fish scale wall tiles. Lengthen your space with an eye-catching mosaic tile floor-to-ceiling accent wall.

small bathroom

5. Go all white. In coastal North Carolina, there’s nothing like a sun-bathed, bleach-white bathroom (with, perhaps, a touch of nautical blue). When you let the light in and opt for bright neutrals, your space automatically feels larger and more welcoming, while darker shades can weigh down an already-small powder room.

small bathroom

Sizing Up Your Small Bathroom
While smaller-than-usual bathrooms can feel like a design challenge, in reality, they’re an exciting opportunity to modernize your space. With the help of professional designers and installers, you can discover your aesthetic and add space to your small bathroom. Ready to get started on your redesign? Contact us for a free quote or visit our showroom at Crystal Bath & Shower Company.