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Marble: the stone of choice for sculptors, designers, architects, and emperors of antiquity. Marble tile has a history that goes back millennia. It’s one of the most enduring stone flooring materials in human history. But why do we love it so much?

What’s Marble Tile, and Why’s It So Hot?

In short: marble tile is eminently luxurious. Marble is quarried from mountains all across the world, and it’s prized for its elegance. There’s a reason we associate it with palaces, castles, kings, queens, and emperors—it’s one of the most upscale stones ever to be used in home interiors. When you put this tile in your home, you’re making a statement.

marble tileWhere Do People Use Marble Tile?

Marble tile is used primarily for countertops in bathrooms and kitchens and as a decorative accent on walls and backsplash mosaics. It’s also becoming a popular flooring choice.

Pros of Marble Tile

  • Looks regal. There’s no getting around it. What makes it special is what we associate with it, and marble reminds us of kings and queens. When marble tile is installed in a home, the home is immediately elevated in status. This, in addition to just being beautiful, is great for your property value!
  • Stunning color options. Marble tile comes in a wide array of stunning colors and multicolor mixes. Its natural translucence allows light to penetrate it, which means that it glows under direct light. (This, combined with its relative softness, is the reason it’s such a popular material for sculptors.)
  • Unique. Because it’s a stone that comes from the earth, each individual tile is wholly unique. This makes it all the more luxurious—but it also can present a problem. If you invest in marble tile, be sure to buy extras. It can be quite hard to match after the fact.
  • Conducts heat. Marble is a great conductor of heat, and a lot of people who install marble tile take advantage of that fact. It’s getting extremely popular as a flooring tile for bathrooms with heated floors.

Cons of Marble Tile

  • Easy to damage. Part of what makes marble so exclusive also makes it a difficult choice for flooring and countertops. It’s a soft, translucent, porous stone—and all of those features also invite damage from water, stains, scratches, chips, and cracks.
  • Slick surface. Most people like to take advantage of marble tile’s receptiveness to polish, giving it that smooth, shiny gloss that we associate with marble statues. However, that polish can make it a dangerous choice for floors, especially when wet.
  • Expensive. When you choose a tile fit for a king, you can expect to pay a king’s price for it. Marble tile is a premium tile, and it’s priced accordingly. It’s one of the most expensive tile options available, especially when you take into account its relatively short lifespan.

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