How much does a shower remodel actually cost? This is one of the first questions we get from every new client. They’re always worried that their shower remodel is going to cost a great deal more than they expect. A shower remodel can cost a small fortune, it’s true — but it doesn’t have to.

There are three main levels that shower remodel pricing tends to fall into. To make it easy, we’re going to call them low, medium, and high. In each category, you’re apt to get a different range of work done, so it really does depend on what kind of remodel you’re looking at. Are you just replacing an existing shower—or do you really want to remodel the whole bathroom? The price will naturally rise with the scale of your remodel.

Below, we’ve made a handy guide to the basic ranges of shower remodel pricing.


What to expect: In this price range, you can get prefabricated showers that are quick and easy to install. They’re low-maintenance and oftentimes come in one solid unit, so installation can be done over the course of a weekend. A low-range shower by itself will probably cost between $1,000 and $2,500. However, it’s important to note: With these showers, you get what you pay for. They’re not known to be long-lasting and tend to receive mixed reviews.


What to expect: In the medium range, much depends on what you’re doing. If you get a prefab shower and also do a sink or countertop replacement, your price might inch up toward the mid-range territory without much increase in quality. However, in this price range, you can get a high-quality update for the important bathroom features. Typically, a mid-range shower itself will cost $3,000-$6,000; the rest of the cost goes to updating the bathroom to go along with it.


What to expect: The data says that an average upscale bathroom remodel comes in at around $25,000-$28,000 — but a more conservative upscale update can be in the range of $15,000-$20,000. For these updates, you’re typically looking at a full-scale bathroom remodel: tub, shower, sinks, countertops, cabinets, you name it. A high-range shower itself will cost somewhere around $6,500-$10,000.

Where does Crystal Bath & Shower Company fall on this scale?

Our shower remodel pricing typically falls within the Medium bracket, which we think is the best place to be! Our goal is to show our customers that it’s possible to invest in the value of their homes without breaking the bank. We’re proud of our work, our vendors, and our clients, and we’ve always aimed to prove that a professional bathroom remodel is possible on a budget.

Want to learn more about Crystal Bath & Shower’s pricing policy? Get a free quote on our website or visit our showroom today to speak to our experts about all your shower remodeling needs.