pebble tile shower floor

Here in Wilmington, everybody’s interested in the all-natural, beachy look. How could you not be, living in such a naturally stunning area? Lately, that’s been leading more and more folks our way looking for pebble mosaic floor tile. We’re big fans of pebble tile ourselves. Want to know why? Check out our quick rundown on all that pebble tile has to offer:

What’s Pebble Tile, and Why’s It So Hot?

Pebble tile is just what it sounds like — tile made from a mosaic of small pebbles. It’s very fashionable, gives your shower or bathroom a natural look, offers a lot of customization and variety in terms of the colors and sizes of pebbles you can use, and provides a comfortable non-slip surface in the shower.

pebble tile available at crystal bath and shower wilmington ncWhere Do People Use Pebble Stone Tile?

You can use it anywhere, but we’re seeing pebble tile most commonly in bathrooms and walk-in showers. It’s best in small spaces because it requires quite a bit of grout work.

Pros of Pebble Mosaic Tile

  • Gorgeous. Who doesn’t like the look of a pebble shower? It’s natural, eye-catching, and when combined with a rain shower, gives a pretty good approximation of showering in the great outdoors—without any of the downsides!
  • Eco-friendly. Pebbles are a natural resource, sourced from streams and rivers. They’re recyclable and renewable, and a great natural flooring option.
  • Non-slip surface for showers. In showers, the smaller the tile the better—because the grout will keep it from getting too slippery, and the varying heights of the pebbles give your feet more traction (and a foot massage!). Pebble mosaic floor tile is perfect for older residents or anyone who is afraid of falling in the shower.
  • Durable. It’s very difficult to damage pebble tile. The stone is generally resistant to scratches and other damage.

Cons of Pebble Mosaic Tile

  • A lot of grout to clean. There’s no getting around this one—it can be a pain to clean a shower with pebble stone tile. In addition to the grout, you’ll also want a good sealant to make sure everything stays in place.
  • Can be expensive. Between the tile itself and the intensive grout work, pebble tile can be more time-consuming and expensive than other tile options.
  • Can be uncomfortable to stand on. Be sure to stand on your pebble tile for a while before installing it — some people find different sizes of pebbles to be uncomfortable to stand on. Make sure you’re choosing the right kind of pebble stone tile for you!

Convinced? If you want to install pebble tile in your home, take a trip to Crystal Carpet & Flooring Company! The experts in our showroom are always happy to help you find what you’re looking for.