Pros and Cons of Porcelain Tile for Showers

Porcelain – the word itself makes us think of clean, bright walls and floors. And it’s true – porcelain shower tile is every bit as beautiful as its name suggests. This higher-end cousin to ceramic tile, it is the most popular tile option for homeowners seeking to upgrade or remodel their bath or shower. In this article, we’ll go over some of the pros and cons of porcelain shower tile, available from the experts at Crystal Bath & Shower Company in Wilmington, NC.

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PRO: Porcelain tile is water-resistant. Porcelain is incredibly dense, much more dense than ceramic tile. The high density of porcelain makes it incredibly strong and very resistant to water. If the areas between the porcelain tiles are sealed with melted glass, this makes your floor or wall completely impervious to water-based wear and tear.

CON: Porcelain tile can be expensive. While porcelain is slightly more pricey than ceramic, you’re paying for durability and beauty. A porcelain tile shower floor, installed by a team of capable professionals, can last for decades.

PRO: Porcelain tile can be repaired. While ceramic tile often requires complete replacement if cracked or damaged, porcelain can be repaired as needed in places to keep your floor looking as good as the day it was installed.

CON: Porcelain tile can be slippery. While innovations in porcelain shower tile have come a long way, smooth porcelain is rather slippery, and can be a poor choice for areas where safety is a concern for children or the elderly. Some modern porcelain shower tile options have a slightly textured feel, to make it less slippery when wet.

PRO: Porcelain tile is timelessly beautiful. It’s a good thing that porcelain tile lasts – you’ll want it to. If you’re considering selling your home someday, porcelain tile shower walls are an excellent choice that can be an investment in the value of your home.

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CON: Porcelain tile is challenging to install. While some places try to encourage ‘DIY’ when it comes to floors, we strongly advise against that. Porcelain, like all tile floors, requires the care and know-how of a team of professionals. An investment like this is not something you should try to handle in a weekend, and the materials are often completely prohibitive without professional guidance and knowledge.

Hopefully you now feeling a little more up-to-speed on how porcelain shower tile may or may not work for you. Have any more questions? Concerned about the cons? Or just looking to talk to a professional about taking the plunge with porcelain? To get started, contact the professionals at Crystal Bath & Shower Company in Wilmington, NC.