Pros and Cons of Remodeling Your Bathroom With a Shower Bench

A shower bench can be a great addition to a bathroom remodel for its design, functionality, and all around usefulness. But, like any other bathroom feature, a shower bench can also be complicated to install, with multiple considerations for customization and placement depending on your needs. This is where expert advice and installation become must-haves. Considering a shower bench for your remodel? Read on for the pros and cons of shower benches:

Aesthetics: Looks-wise, a shower bench can increase the aesthetic qualities of your bathroom or decrease them, depending on your taste. A teak shower bench can give your bathroom a natural, traditional feel, while a built-in shower bench can be more modern and minimalistic with seamless construction.

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Flexibility: A bench that hasn’t been built in, like a teak bench, is easy to remove from the shower when you don’t need it, and easy to put right back in when you do. A built-in shower bench, on the other hand, is there for good. If you’re one to frequently remodel or rearrange your spaces, keep in mind that a built-in shower bench is a commitment.

Space: If you’re working with a small space, a built-in shower bench will take up even more of your precious square footage. On the other hand, small benches can be installed on hinges to save space. When you’re not using them, they just tuck away. Corner shower benches can also save space.

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Storage: While shower benches take up some extra space, they can also provide a great place to store shower products like shampoo and body wash on the surface when you’re not using the bench for seating.

Accessibility: One of the most important considerations for a shower bench is accessibility. If you’re approaching your golden years or have a family member who may benefit from some extra help, a shower bench is a thoughtful and safe solution. Benches must be carefully placed inside the shower with the proper height, width, angles, and measurements to ensure proper accessibility, though. Grab bars are a helpful accessory as well, and require just as much attention to placement. Using ADA guidelines, your shower remodeler can install a shower bench that makes life easier, not harder.

Sold on the shower bench? Still thinking it through? For more shower remodeling ideas or to get started on your remodel, contact us at Crystal Bath & Shower Company. We’ll talk you through all of the possibilities for your specific bathroom remodel, helping you weigh the pros and cons of the bathroom features that will best suit your wants and needs.