Shower Design Details Guaranteed to Impress

Are you looking for the perfect bath and shower design? Some might suggest looking at “big picture” items, like new tiles, shower surrounds, or sinks, but if you want a style that is uniquely your own, don’t overlook the details! As famed designer Charles Eames said, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” A detail-oriented shower design can make your master or guest bath memorable. Choosing faucets, showerheads, and doors can really set your bathroom apart—without putting a burden on your budget.

At Crystal Bath and Shower Company, we aim to help our homeowners build their new bathroom shower with just that kind of design-making detail. Many of our Wilmington, NC area clients want stylish elements to bring their showers from ‘builder basic’ to truly special, but aren’t certain as to what options are available. We can help you decide between the countless choices to customize your shower designs, including:

Fun Faucets
Want something fun and funky? You won’t believe how far modern faucet design has come! Ranging from eco-friendly to sculpturally sleek, there are some truly incredible new age faucets, including models that mimic waterfalls or designs that are see-through. Homeowners who desire something more traditional can see thousands of models at Houzz, from period-appropriate faucets in historic homes to romantically rustic choices.

Special Shower Heads
Technology has also make showerheads more unique—and useful—than the designs of yesterday. As demonstrates in this video, current shower head designs are both “functional” and “absolutely fabulous.”

Gorgeous Glass Doors
Looking for beautiful bathroom designs that incorporate interesting shower heads and glass elements? Popular home design blog features a series of truly stunning bathrooms from the Architectural Digest Show. From breathtaking black and white Art Deco bathrooms to sleek glass-encased townhouse showers, these photos will inspire you.

Dreamy Drains
You might not think that a bathroom drain can be exciting, but these photos from Houzz prove otherwise! Homeowners don’t have to settle for simple—and sometimes unsightly—circular drains, anymore. Instead, it’s possible to install linear drains or long, thin drains in tiled showers that are less visible and easier to keep clean.

No matter what shower or bath elements you choose, working with Crystal Bath and Shower Company to develop your eye for detail can help make your new bathroom the spa-like oasis that you’ve been dreaming of. With more than twenty years of experience in the Wilmington area, we value our customers’ long-term happiness and work with trusted contractors to make dream designs a reality. If you are looking for a new bath and shower design, contact us today.