Shower Remodel Ideas: How to Trick Out Your New Shower

Most shower remodel ideas start and end with these factors: your space, your needs, your material, your budget. And that’s not a bad thing. Those are absolutely the most important things to consider when you embark upon your shower remodel project. But remodeling your shower can be an exciting experience, too, if you let it. We often get bogged down in the basics and forget to have fun with the design.

There’s so much you can do with a shower remodel. Ideas are everywhere, if you know where to look! Any bath and shower specialist will tell you: If you’re looking to trick out a shower, check out the accessories. Read on to find out our favorite upgrades to include when designing a super-luxurious shower.

Shower seats
The shower seat: far and away the most surprising luxury. People never seem sure about them until they get one—and then once they have one, they swear by them. If you think about it, a shower seat is the ultimate treat. It can prevent slipping and make it easier to shave and scrub harder to reach spots, like feet. It’s also a useful accessory to have should you ever accidentally find yourself injured.

Corner trim
Crown molding for your shower—we bet you never even thought of this one. But trust us, it takes a regular shower and turns it into something unexpectedly chic. It actually serves two purposes. First, it adds to the look of your shower, streamlining your design. Second, it makes installation easier, by allowing the wall panels themselves to be a few inches short of the ceiling. This makes handling them and inserting them correctly much simpler—meaning your shower remodel will be finished and usable much sooner!

Shower caddies
A built-in shower caddy is one of the most useful things you can include in a shower remodel. Without one, you’re forced to buy cheap, in-store shower caddies, which can ruin the clean lines of a brand-new shower. And when it comes time to clean the shower, those removable metal caddies can be frustrating to clean. Whether you’re looking for a large caddy, a small caddy, a corner caddy or an in-wall caddy, we can help.

Curved shower curtain rod
Hello, fancy hotel shower! Did you know you could have one of these in your own home? We don’t know about you, but we think the extra room afforded by a curved shower curtain rod makes a surprising amount of difference in how you feel during your shower. Our theory? Because we associate them with hotels—places we stay on vacation, where we don’t have to cook or clean—curved shower rods are instinctively more pleasant. Plus, the extra space feels luxurious. Your shower remodel is the perfect time to put this theory to the test.

Ready to put some of those shower remodel ideas into action? Visit our showroom to take a look at our products in person and speak with an expert about how to bring your perfect shower to life!