Shower Stalls for Family Homes

Once upon a time, houses were made with only one full bathroom for the whole family. When the kids are small, you can give them baths together and it’s not a problem. But when the kids become teenagers, everybody needs a separate shower, and the bathroom grooming routines get longer and longer. Before you know it, fights are breaking out over who gets the mirror in the morning.

Now, you might not think of shower stalls as something to install in your house — but shower stalls come in all shapes and sizes! They’re not just for camps, locker rooms, and public places. The truth is, they can be a great solution for certain family situations.

There are two main categories of shower stalls: Single stalls and multiple stalls. Read on for the pros and cons of each:

Single Shower Stalls

The single shower stall is what you likely think of when you think of shower stalls in the home. One to a bathroom, these are generally installed in the corners of small bathrooms. As bathtubs decline in popularity, luxury shower stalls are becoming the new hot ticket in bathroom design.


  • They take up less space—and can even be installed in an existing half-bath.
  • Baths are out, and showers are in—an upscale shower stall is the perfect fit for a modern home.
  • Installing these in existing half-baths can drastically lessen time spent in the morning shower line.
  • Modern shower stalls are often quite beautifully designed—no longer just the tight plastic tubes of your youth!


  • A shower stall typically precludes the installation of a tub, unless your bathroom is spacious.

Multiple Shower Stalls

Multiple shower stalls are what you think of when you think of locker rooms, pools, and camp showers. They’re less private, but they’re perfect for bathrooms that lead out to the pool or the beach. Many families who have vacation homes that they rent out install a set of multiple shower stalls in downstairs bathrooms, to help keep the home clean and make the transition from the beach to the couch a smooth one.


  • Perfect for beach homes, vacation homes, or poolside entrances.
  • If you have young children, this is a great way to transition from co-showering to solo showering.
  • If you have multiple kids, multiple shower stalls can streamline your mornings.


  • These work best if your children are all the same gender.
  • Not all bathrooms have the space required to install multiple shower stalls.
  • Your water and heating bills may go rise, depending on how often your kids take showers.

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