slate tile flooring

Slate tile isn’t anything new — it’s a classic, upscale flooring choice. However, recently we’ve been seeing a major upswing in remodels involving slate tile. We’re all for this — slate floor tiles are known to increase the value of a home. Plus, they’re stunning to look at and feel great on the feet. What’s not to love?

What’s Slate Floor Tile, And Why’s It So Hot?

Slate tile is exactly what it sounds like — tile made from slate. The slate used in slate floor tiles is typically mined from mountains, and it can bring a distinctive, powerful beauty to any room in which it is installed. Slate’s resurgence in popularity is probably due to homeowners looking to increase the value of their properties in remodels — but it could also be due to the fact that they’re visually striking and can blend in with any design.

Where Do People Use Slate Floor Tile?

Slate tiles are versatile, but they’re most commonly installed in places that come in frequent contact with water, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and mudrooms.

slate tile available at crystal bath and shower wilmington ncPros of Slate Tile

  • One of a kind. As a natural material, slate can be found in almost infinite varieties, with a wide range of different colors occurring in unique patterns across each piece. This means that every piece of slate tile is bound to be completely unlike any other piece.
  • Highly durable. Slate floor tiles are among the strongest natural flooring materials. Slate is resistant to cracks, chips, breaks, and scratches. When slate floor tile is well-maintained, it can easily last for decades.
  • Versatile. Because slate tile is so durable and striking, it can be used in any area of the house. There’s a ton of different available colors, so it can match any design.
  • Perfect for heated floors. Want a fancy heated floor in your bathroom? Slate is the ideal material to transmit heat—perfect for those chilly winter mornings.

Cons of Slate Tile

  • Expensive. Because it’s a unique, upscale material, there’s no getting around it—slate floor tiles are an investment. However, once that money has been invested, it will absolutely increase the value of your home.
  • Difficult to match in replacement. One downside of one-of-a-kind flooring is that it can be very difficult to replace when it has been damaged. It’s important to make sure you get extra tiles when installing slate floors, just in case something happens and you need a replacement.
  • Requires sealants. Even though they’re incredibly durable, you can’t just install slate tiles and call it a day. You won’t likely need to replace tiles very often, but you will need to seal it against stains on a fairly regular basis.

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