Subway Tile 2.0: Next-Level Subway Tile Looks for 2020

Subway tile trends have been around for a long time and for good reason. The name “subway tile,” refers to the white brick tile that lined the walls of the New York City subway station, beginning in the 1900’s. Today, the gorgeous, sleek design looks great in almost any home.

Think subway tile is a one-trick pony? Think again! Subway tile trends keep classic style in your kitchen and bath while adding a refreshing twist. Here are five new looks for subway tile we are seeing in southeastern NC and beyond:

1. Beveled: The difference between classic subway tile and beveled subway tile is a slope down to the edge of the tile, creating dimension that physically pops from the wall. Beveled subway tile also comes in different colors and finishes. A colored, beveled tile can add drama to a room. Contrasting grout color can also create a fresh, interesting look by breaking up the brick-joint pattern.

subway tile trends

Another option to consider for beveled tile is the finish. Traditional subway tiles tend to have a glossy finish, but quality, handmade matte subway tile has gained popularity for its understated elegance.

2. Brick: A brick-like finish or actual brick can be used as subway tile. The brick finish brings a tactile feel to the tile, which differs from the smooth gloss of traditional subway tile. You can use brick subway tile to add a rustic feel to your room or to add a contemporary scruff to your small space.

subway tile trends

3. Square: Square subway tile is a simple, yet effective update to the seemingly ubiquitous subway tile. The square tile suggests a clean, modern style. The 4”x4” square tile is easy to install, and when combined with a dark grout, gives your bath or kitchen a fresh look. Setting square tile in a staggered pattern gives a slightly more traditional feel, while square tile laid in a stacked pattern achieves a more modern appeal.

subway tile trends

4. Marble: You can give your space a luxe feel by using marble subway tile in your kitchen or bath. Install it as a backsplash for a striking focal point of your kitchen or use it throughout an entire room to showcase your classic style. With today’s technology you can opt for porcelain marble-looking tile, to get the marble look without a hefty price tag.

5. Dark: Dark subway tile adds a big ‘wow’ factor. Use it to tile a show-stopping shower, or to add personality to your kitchen’s backsplash. Dramatic and utterly unapologetic, black, charcoal, navy, and dark emerald subway tile is a trend that’s here to stay; the options are endless.

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