Tips for Choosing Shower Tile

With so many options, choosing shower tile can seem overwhelming. Thankfully, the professionals at Crystal Bath and Shower Company in Wilmington, NC are here to help every step of the way. While the experts are here to handle the installation, beginning your project with some background knowledge can start you off on the right foot. Before you select new tiles for your bathroom, here are some top tips to keep in mind when choosing shower tile.

Material and Use: Are the tiles you’ve selected water resistant? Are they acceptable for complete submersion, if you plan to use them on a shower floor? Interestingly, the tile that you’ll select for use in your shower isn’t typically designed specifically for shower use. “Shower tile” refers to any available tile that you use in your shower redesign. Consult with the professionals to make sure that your tile is at the very least, water-resistant, and, if it’s going on your shower floor, waterproof.

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Cost: Glass and marble are beautiful tile choices, but occasionally high-cost. Fortunately, dozens of alternatives exist that are every bit as beautiful as the real thing. Another solution: find a lovely tile that meets your family’s budget and use a small amount of marble or other luxury tile as an accent wall or border.

Size and Design: What’s the geography of your bathroom? Lots of curves, or wide, flat angles? A bathroom with rounded areas requires smaller tile to cover the curves. Larger bathrooms with wide, flat areas look nice featuring large tiles in a repeated design. Think about how you stand in your bathroom – does your floor tile feel nice on bare, damp feet? Does your shower feature a bench? Consider comfort when seated.

Cleanup and Maintenance: While many small tiles can create a beautiful design in small spaces, they require much more grout, which can translate into a lot of scrubbing. If ease of cleaning is a factor for you, consider placing mosaics and other small-tile designs in areas such as back splashes and walls that won’t require as much scrubbing.

Safety: Wide, flat tiles can make cleanup a snap, but safety comes first! Make sure any tiles you select for floors are slip-resistant. Slip-resistance is rated using the same scale as report-card grades, so you’ll want to choose an A or B rating on large, flat floor tiles – especially on any area that will see a lot of traffic from children or the elderly.

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With so many options in shower tile, and so many professionals to assist, there’s no time like the present to get the bathroom of your dreams. Step into the Crystal Bath and Shower Company showroom in Wilmington, NC for a look at the hundreds of design options available.