Trendspotting The Dual Shower

It’s common knowledge that double sinks are a huge selling feature in any property — but have you ever thought about dual showers? Yes, double showers are an up-and-coming trend in the home design world. We don’t mean two shower stalls, side by side (though those are growing more popular as well). We’re talking about two shower heads installed within one large shower stall. The benefits are clear for newlyweds, of course, but what about everybody else?

It turns out that more and more homeowners are jumping on the dual shower head bandwagon, for one simple reason: The pros far outweigh the cons.

Pros of a Dual Shower

  • If you and your partner both leave for work at the same time in the morning, double showers can be a lifesaver! Now, you can get up and get ready at the same time, instead of trying to stagger your shower times.
  • If you have small children or toddlers, a dual shower is a great way to save time and co-shower with them.
  • It’s generally a myth that dual shower heads use double the amount of water. Typically, most use just a little more water than a single shower—and less than two separate showers—and you don’t have to turn on both shower heads if you’re showering alone.
  • When you’re showering alone, you have tons of luxurious space!
  • If you’re a fan of showering with your partner already, a dual shower is great — nobody’s left out in the cold.
  • Dual shower heads add a nice sense of symmetry to a bathroom’s design, and tend to give the room an upscale, spa-like vibe.
  • Because they’re a hot commodity, dual showers also raise your property value.

Cons of a Dual Shower

  • You might end up with less of that coveted me-time in the shower.
  • The water pressure might be less than you’re used to when both showerheads are on.
  • Dual shower heads can add extra expense to the plumbing portion of your bathroom remodel.
  • Depending on the model, your water and heating bills may rise.

dual shower

In short, a dual shower is handy, customizable, family-friendly, and can help you save time in the mornings. We can say it definitively — once customers give dual showers a try, they never want to go back to single showers again.

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