Walk-In Showers for Small Baths


walk-in showers by crystal bath & shower wilmington nc
There are a lot of older homes in the Wilmington, NC, area. When you buy a pre-1950s home, you get character, history, and visual interest — but you also get a surprising lack of bathrooms! Many older homes only have one full bath. Something you’ll never see in the original floor plans of these older homes is walk-in showers!

Why? Essentially, it had to do with the cost of installation. From the turn of the last century to about WWII, all the plumbing in homes was hand-done and hand-cut, and made of heavy, cast-iron pipes with custom hub, spigot, and joints. Bathtubs were made of cast iron and coated with enamel, and often weighed hundreds of pounds. Only the wealthiest people could afford to have more than one bathroom.

Of course, in today’s day and age, a one-bathroom home becomes a problem for families — especially when the kids reach their teenage years. Most of these homes have a half-bath in addition to the one full-sized bathroom. If this is the case in your home — don’t worry! You don’t have to suffer through long shower wait times any longer. These days, it’s easy to build and install gorgeous walk-in showers for small baths.

What’s the appeal of a walk-in shower for a small bathroom?

What isn’t the appeal? Walk-in showers are super stylish right now. Installing walk-in showers for small baths has become one of the bathroom renovation industry’s most common remodels. Think about it. Turning a small half-bath into a spacious full-bath—with tub and shower stall, for instance—requires tearing down walls and remodeling several different rooms. But, by installing walk-in showers in small baths, families are able to ease the morning pressure and add value to their homes.

walk-showers by crystal bath & shower of wilmington nc

Won’t a walk-in shower make a small bath seem smaller?

Surprisingly, no! Bathroom renovators know all kinds of design tricks to make a space appear larger than it is. Here are a few tips from our experts:

  • Seamless glass doors and walls will make the space seem larger than it is.
  • If your space is super small, make the shower the focal point. Amp up the design to make it seem extra luxurious. That way, it’ll seem like a conscious choice rather than a shower fitted into a preexisting space. (Plus, when there’s not much square footage, it’s easier to make room in the budget for luxury tile!)
  • Downsize your sinks and vanities to add more square footage for the walk-in shower.
  • Install the shower in a corner, and opt for an angled base that juts into the main bath area; this will expand the square footage of the shower without making the rest of the bathroom appear smaller.

Are you ready to give your family some much-needed new space? Visit Crystal Bath & Shower Company today to start building the walk-in shower you’ve always wanted!