wood look tile flooring

Imagine: the warmth of wood with the durability of tile. For a long time, good wood look tile was the unicorn of flooring options. It didn’t exist—but we sure wanted it to! In the past few decades, though, astounding technological advancements have been made in manufacturing and processing porcelain tile. These advancements have brought us the thing we once thought was a myth — wood look tile.

Of course, now that it’s widely available, wood look tile is massively popular. Read our guide below to learn a little bit more about it.

What’s Wood Look Tile, and Why’s It So Hot?

Like we mentioned above, it is porcelain tile made to look like wood. It has all the warmth of wood floors with none of the downsides. The creaking, the settling, the propensity for collecting allergens, stains, mold, and mildew—you won’t find any of that with wood look tile. Instead, you get all the best parts of a hardwood floor. It’s a classic look, updated for a contemporary world.

Where Do People Use Wood Look Tile?

They’re most commonly used for floors. It can be used anywhere, but kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces are most common. Some people even install them outdoors on their patios and decks.

Pros of Wood Look Tile

  • Highly durable. Wood look tile has all the benefits of porcelain tile, which means it’s bacteria-, stain-, and water-resistant. It doesn’t collect allergens, can withstand heavy wear-and-tear, and won’t warp if it gets wet.
  • More affordable than hardwood floors. We all want hardwood floors—but for many of us, the price is prohibitive. Wood look tile, though, is incredibly affordable and easy to install.
  • Easy to clean. Although the texture of it mimics the grain of traditional wood floors, the grooves on wood look tile are filled in. This gives it a smooth, easy-to-clean surface that doesn’t require any special cleansers or polishes. A regular mopping is all you need!
  • Customizable. There’s huge variety in wood look tiles. Are you the kind of person who wants your floor to have the look of a rare or endangered type of wood? With this type of tile, you can have that—without having to feel guilty about negatively impacting the environment.

wood look tile from crystal bath and showerCons of Wood Look Tile

  • Requires grout, which can ruin the seamless wood look. The grout doesn’t need to be thick, but it’s inevitable. It will be there. If cleaning grout is your nightmare, wood look tile may not be the best fit.
  • Harder and colder than wood floors. Wood look tile isn’t wood—so, even though it’s indistinguishable to the naked eye, the naked foot will not be fooled. Porcelain is much harder and doesn’t retain heat as well as wood. However, porcelain is a great heat conductor—so if warmth is important to you, consider converting it to a heated floor.
  • Difficult to replace. If wood look tile gets scratched, you can’t just sand out the scratches like you could with a hardwood floor. You’ll want to be sure to buy extra replacement tiles, just in case.

Wood look tile should always be experienced in person before it’s bought. If you’re ready to see (and touch) wood look tile for yourself, visit our showroom today! Our experts can answer any additional questions you may have.